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 30,775.8 hectares
 120.2 sq. miles

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Protect Monarch Butterflies & Save American Chestnuts
Butterflies on Tree

Take action at the sites below to plant trees! Your actions will support projects in Michoacan, Mexico to aid in the reforestation of the winter home of most North American Monarch Butterflies through La Cruz Habitat Protection Project, Inc., and The American Chestnut Foundation's (TACF) effort to back cross a blight-resistant American chestnut, and reintroduce it to American forests. The chestnut was once the dominant tree in much of the eastern US, but was destroyed by an imported blight first discovered in 1904.

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This project is no longer active.

Trees Planted:
 trees through 10/01/06 *

  Butterfly   American Chestnut

Forest Existence Maps - click here To view the degradation of forests over time, check out our forest existence maps courtesy of WRI.

* Our plant-a-tree totals are updated when we receive information from the advertisers. Unfortunately, this information cannot be added to individual totals. All sites in this section pay per action as part of EcologyFund's "Rainforest Rewards" section.� No endorsement of any kind is implied.

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