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Total Land Saved
 3,351,484,295 sq. ft.
 76,939.5 acres
 30,775.8 hectares
 120.2 sq. miles

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Donating land to an EcologyFund project is as easy as clicking a button, but your opportunity to preserve wilderness doesn't stop there. Whether you use the web to shop, search, get news, download software or look for free offers, come to EcologyFund first, and you can donate wilderness land (in some cases over 1,000 square feet per offer) just by doing these everyday things:

EcologyFund Projects
Guatemalan Brook Frog - Copyright Robin Moore Protect wilderness land on 4 continents with a few simple clicks. To begin donating for FREE, click the button below.
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Rainforest Rewards
Amazon Monkey Sign up for great free offers & donate an average of 1,000 sq. feet of wilderness land a day.

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Save 100 square feet just for emailing your friends about EcologyFund.

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Plant a Tree for Free

By signing up for one of our advertisers' free offers, you can plant a tree in Mexico that will provide habitat for endangered Monarch butterflies, or an American chestnut that is being bred for resistance to chestnut blight.

American Chestnut

Monarch Butterfly
Plant American Chestnut Trees & Save Monarch ButterfliesDonate More - Plant a Tree

Reduce Pollution
SmokeStack Reduce atmospheric CO2 and SO2 for FREE by allowing EcologyFund to purchase pollution credits from NatSource and donate them to the ELPC.

Special Donations

Visit great sites, and donate up to 730 square feet of wilderness land when you do!

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